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When you need a specialized type of surgery, like shoulder arthroscopy and repairs, you need a true specialist like orthopedic surgeon Joel H. Hurt, MD. As a shoulder surgery expert, Dr. Hurt regularly performs clavicle fracture repairs, rotator cuff surgery, and other types of shoulder repair and reconstruction with a focus on optimal outcomes for every patient. Dr. Hurt has offices in Marble Falls, Austin, and Bastrop, Texas, so call the location nearest you or use the online scheduling tool for an appointment.

Shoulder Arthroscopy and Repairs Q & A

What are shoulder arthroscopy and repairs? 

Shoulder arthroscopy is a minimally invasive procedure for diagnosis and treatment. 

Shoulder arthroscopy diagnosis 

In a shoulder arthroscopy, Dr. Hurt creates a tiny incision in your shoulder. Through this incision, he places an arthroscope, a thin, lighted tube containing a small camera that sends images to a monitor that Dr. Hurt uses to view the inside of your shoulder joint.

Using arthroscopy, he can diagnose problems and determine the extent of damage. 

Shoulder arthroscopy treatment 

Depending on your shoulder issues, Dr. Hurt may also make a few more small incisions. Through these, he can place small surgical tools to perform repairs while watching the monitor. 

The many types of arthroscopic repairs include clavicle fracture repair, acromioclavicular (AC) joint reconstruction, proximal humerus fracture repair, and rotator cuff repair. Arthroscopy allows Dr. Hurt to remove cartilage and other tissues and restore your function without large incisions.

Dr. Hurt performs shoulder arthroscopy as an outpatient treatment in most cases. The procedure usually takes about 30 minutes. 

When do I need shoulder replacement rather than shoulder arthroscopy and repairs? 

In some cases, you might need shoulder replacement rather than a less-invasive procedure like shoulder arthroscopy. Shoulder arthroscopy is helpful as a diagnostic tool, and it’s an excellent option for minimally invasive shoulder repairs. But it does have limits. 

When you need removal, shoulder arthroscopy is frequently the best choice. However, arthroscopy is better for taking tissue out than putting it in. This means that Dr. Hurt can perform arthroscopy to trim meniscus tears, frayed cartilage, or other tissue. 

But if you have shoulder pain and other symptoms because of bone-on-bone arthritis, Dr. Hurt can’t restore cartilage where none exists. That’s when shoulder joint replacement might be the best option to ease your symptoms long term. 

How long does it take to recover from shoulder arthroscopy? 

After shoulder arthroscopy, Dr. Hurt gives you recovery instructions specific to your procedure and issue. Shoulder arthroscopy offers a faster recovery than full joint replacement, but it can still take anywhere from a few weeks to several months to recover fully. 

Dr. Hurt is a shoulder repair and reconstruction expert who performs procedures varying from simple arthroscopy to full shoulder joint replacement. Book your appointment by calling the office nearest you or scheduling online.