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As of Feb. 1 2021 Dr. Hurt has left Texas Orthopedics to start his own practice, JHURT ORTHOPEDICS.
Many patients have asked why this decision was made. Dr. Hurt wants his patients to know that he has
immense respect for the doctors of Texas Orthopedics. However, at this point in his career, Dr. Hurt
desired to have a practice that facilitated a more personal clinic experience. He looks forward to
continuing to provide great care for all of his patients.

Texas Orthopedics is the custodian for all medical records. If you desire to have your medical records
from Texas Orthopedics sent to Dr. Hurt there are a few ways to do that:

1. The easiest way is to fill out a release of information form (see below for a link) when you come
to Dr. Hurt’s new office. He will pay to have your last 3 years of records transferred over and
will take care of the logistics as well. Note, it usually takes 48 hours to receive the medical
records once the request has been made.
2. If you prefer you can also call 512 439 1000 and follow the prompts to Texas Orthopedics
Medical Records department (option 3) and they will facilitate from there.
3. Finally, you may request the records be sent by using this link:

Medical Release Form

If you have additional questions about these transition click on the CONTACT link above and scroll to the
bottom where you can send a message to Dr. Hurt and his team.

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