Top Reasons to See a Sports Medicine Specialist

Sports-related injuries strike nearly 9 million Americans each year. Participating in your favorite sport or recreational activity comes with some risk, but you can reduce this risk by enlisting the help and care of a sports medicine specialist. 

Orthopedic surgeon and sports medicine specialist Joel Hurt, MD, can help you prevent injuries so you can stay in the game. In the event you do sustain an injury, Dr. Hurt can provide prompt, effective treatment to help you recover and get back to your sport as quickly and safely as possible. 

Here are some of the top reasons to have a sports medicine specialist as part of your health care team. 

Stay in your best shape

Sports medicine doctors make sure you’re in tip-top shape, whether you play competitively or recreationally. Some of the ways sports medicine doctors keep you in the game include:

In addition, a sports medicine specialist with a surgical specialty like Dr. Hurt provides shoulder and knee repair and reconstruction. Dr. Hurt also partners with physical therapists, nutritionists, and other support professionals to provide comprehensive care. 

Prevent sports injuries

A sports injury can completely sideline you and bring your play to a screeching halt. A sports medicine specialist can help you prevent sudden injuries as well as problems related to overuse. 

Dr. Hurt implements individualized care plans based on your particular sport, needs, and athletic goals. Sports plans provide guidance on using the right techniques and equipment to play at your best while minimizing the risk of injury. 

Sports medicine doctors can help you ensure safe play without aggravating old injuries, while adapting for any limitations and taking any existing conditions into consideration. 

Improve sports performance

It’s the goal of every athlete to play at their peak performance level. A wide variety of factors influence your performance, including nutrition and the current state of your body. Even minimal swelling or stiffness, for example, can hinder optimal performance. 

Sports medicine specialists fully assess the factors influencing your performance and develop a plan to address anything that may be even a slight hindrance to optimal performance. 

Dr. Hurt can help you:

Together these aspects will help you perform your best each and every time. 

Perform orthopedic surgery

You need an experienced orthopedic surgeon in your corner when you sustain sports-related injuries such as ACL tears, or a torn rotator cuff. Dr. Hurt specializes in reconstructive shoulder and knee surgery using techniques tailored to you. 

Following your procedure, Dr. Hurt works with health professionals like physical therapists to ensure that you recover and return to sport as quickly and safely as possible. 

The care you need to play the sport you love

Dr. Hurt provides top-level care to professional athletes and recreational enthusiasts alike, in a range of sports. From diagnosing and treating injuries to boosting physical performance, we can help you perform your best when it counts. We work with adults and children of all ages. 

To learn more about how partnering with a sports medicine specialist can help your game, call or book online today to schedule an appointment with Dr. Hurt. 

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